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Rare harlequin black opal 18K gold pendant green blue salmon pink Australian

Rare harlequin black opal 18K gold pendant green blue salmon pink Australian

Rare harlequin black opal 18K gold pendant green blue salmon pink Australian    Rare harlequin black opal 18K gold pendant green blue salmon pink Australian
MyLegacy-Treasures LLC Opal Auctions TPL_112007. Harlequin Black-Opal 18K Pendant Green Blue Salmon Pink. Check Your Monitor Calibration for Accurate Image Colors!

310OJ11230P Harlequin Black-Opal 18K Pendant Green Blue Salmon Pink Violet Yellow Aqua Orange Vibrant Flash B4.5++ S5-S3 N2. Harlequin Black-Opal 18K Gold Pendant Green Blue Salmon Pink Violet Yellow Aqua Orange Vibrant Flash B4.5++ S5-S3 N2. Floral Harlequin Black Opal 18K Gold Pendant 310OJ11230P.

Harlequin Black-Opal 18K Pendant Green Blue Salmon Pink Violet Yellow Aqua Orange Vibrant Flash B4.5++ S5-S3 N2 DESCRIPTION. With Each Different Viewing Angle or Colors of Lighting, You will see the Pretty combination of. BLACK OPAL - Beautiful Floral Harlequin Colors, B4.5++, Vibrant-Medium, N2 ULTRA BLACK, 18K White Gold. OPAL COLORS - HARLEQUIN MultiColor - reminds of Floral Garden - GREEN ROYAL-BLUE SALMON PINK VIOLET LEMON AQUA ORANGE.

FLASH/PATTERN - 5+ MultiColor ROLLING FLASH Pattern, EXC Pendant Jewelry OPAL. B BRILLIANCE - B4.5++ VERY BRILLIANT Rolling FLASH Play-Of-Color (some color seen in low light). S SATURATION - S5-S3 VIBRANT to Medium COLOR SATURATION Intensity.

SHAPE/SIZE - 9x6 mm Pear shape, natural Opal doublet. N Density - N2 ULTRA BLACK, Very BLACK to Dark Play-Of-Color Base Density. Jewelry Info - 18.5x7.5x5 mm approx. 48 Grams of Solid 18K WHITE Gold. This will make HIGHLY DESIRABLE LEGACY TREASURE Opal Jewelry for Generations to come.

Opal Doublet (natural opal, NOT manmade). PLAY OF COLOR B #.

B4.5++ - VERY BRILLIANT Directional P-O-C (some color seen in low light). HARLEQUIN MultiColor - reminds of Floral Garden - GREEN ROYAL-BLUE SALMON PINK VIOLET. S5-S3 VIBRANT to Medium SATURATION POC.

Directional ROLLING FLASH & Pattern. 5+ MultiColor FLORAL HARLEQUIN (flower garden colors), Rare N2 Ultra Black, B4.5++, S5-S3. SIZE - WEIGHT - SHAPE.

Pear shape doublet, natural opal. BASE DENSITY - N #. ULTRA BLACK - N2 DENSITY - Very Black to Dark P-O-C TONE. Flash + Pattern Play-Of-Color visible from ALL Viewing Angles. Describing this Precious Opal Jewelry.

Beautiful RARE ULTRA BLACK FLORAL HARLEQUIN Opal in an 18K White Gold Pendant with. B4.5++ VERY BRILLIANT Rolling Color FLASH + PATTERN Play-Of-Color.

Appears as S5-S3 VIBRANT to Medium Saturated Colors. HARLEQUIN MultiColor - reminds of Floral Garden - GREEN ROYAL-BLUE SALMON PINK VIOLET LEMON AQUA ORANGE. Beautiful Play-Of-Color is visible from ALL viewing angles. Opal Base Tone Density is an ULTRA BLACK N2 , appearing as Very Black to Very Dark Play-Of-Color density. 48 grams of Solid 18K WHITE Gold.

The Pretty colors Flashing are simply Beautiful. Our photos were taken to depict this Ultra Black Floral Harlequin Opal 18K Pendant as you would see it, Face-Up in sunlight or bright direct household lighting.

Some of the brightest Play-of-Color Flashes are oversaturated in our photos and appear as a'block' of color instead of the actual brilliant FLASH you will see. In brighter direct light, the Color Flash effect is even more brilliant than in our Photos. Our photos are magnified larger than life size to help show the colors and patterns.

(25.4 mm = 1 inch) Some of the brightest Play-of-Color Flashes are oversaturated in our photos and appear as a'block' of color instead of the actual brilliant FLASH you will see. What you get are Bright, Rolling and Changing Shapes and Flashes of Beautiful Colors from a special Black Opal doublet.

Even if October and opals aren't your birthstone, everyone loves this most precious unique gemstone. Always beautiful, in other parts of the world, opals are called opalo, opaal, opale and hangende.

If You see My Color Patterns Flash, You Have to Look at Our Beauty! Precious, natural Opals are Unique, Beautiful Creations.

Demand more of your Opal Vendor than a typical GemStone Dealer! Is it a'natural' (made by God, not by man) Opal? Has the Opal been'GRADED' for "B" BRIGHTNESS? Has the Opal been'GRADED' for "N" BASE DENSITY?

Has the Opal been'GRADED' for "S" COLOR SATURATION? If they claim a special pattern, coloration or characteristic, is that claim generally supported by a recognized professional opal industry association? Any decent opal can't be properly represented or appreciated on only 1 or 2 photos. Are the photos good enough to let me see the color, pattern or other characteristics claimed? BECAUSE EVERY NATURAL PRECIOUS OPAL IS UNIQUE. Insist on seeing photos of the EXACT Piece of Opal Jewelry they are trying to sell to me!

MyLegacy-Treasures strives to consistently, fairly represent every item we sell. We want you to enjoy it as much in your hands as you did when you first saw it online. We grade our Opals according to the guidelines of the Premier Opal expert, Dr. Paul Downing ("Opal Identification and Value"), Australian and international opal industry associations and the GIA for other gemstones. We list the most easily seen and identifiable opal valuation characteristics in our postings to help educate our clients and clearly classify each item we offer.

And we use a carefully calibrated professional system of lighting, digital cameras, optics, software, video graphics card and monitor to offer photos that fairly depict each GemStone. We tend to under rather than over-emphasize our Opals so you will probably believe it is even better'in hand' than the online photos. Use the Information boxes above to get a simplified overview about this Precious Opal and its characteristics. It has detailed text descriptions to better educate yourself about the meanings of these Unique Opal GemStone terms.

Photographing Opals to show their color range, intensity of color, contrast between the Opal Play-Of-Color and the base color or background color, etc. Even if the bright Opal Colors could be "accurately" captured by a camera that could see what our eyes see, the tonal range of an excellent Opal far exceeds the capabilities of our computer monitors/video cards/etc. We Try to show you the'personality & character' of every Opal we sell without artificially enhancing the contrast, tonality or color saturation beyond what you will see with similar lighting once it is in your hands.

Our photos depict this gemstone as you would see it in direct sunlight or with a bright tungsten light 12"16" from the gemstone. Look at all photos of how colors'move' or appear in different places/patterns across the opal. More Red, Orange, Yellow colors in direct sun or bare tungsten bulb light. NOTE - it is nearly impossible to photograph a white or very black opal, correctly depict the opal base density and also show the beauty of the play-of-color flash on your computer screen.

N9 opals are shown somewhat darker than the real opal. N1, N2 and N3 opals are shown somewhat lighter than the real opal. OPAL TYPE, Origin & Location. This is a natural Opal Doublet from Australia.

A'made by God, not by Man' natural Opal, this precious Opal formed millions of years ago in pockets and seams on Australian ironstone boulders or combined with'potch' - common opal. Australian Opal Doublets are cut free from the surrounding ironstone/potch, polished and trimmed to shape, then once again mounted on the Australian Ironstone to improve durability for jewelry use.

Australian Opal Doublets are considered among the best, brightest of all Precious Opals. If used for jewelry, the Opal Doublet is preferred over the Solid Opal for durability. Australian Douglet Opals are'High Value' because they typically sell for a fraction of the price of a solid opal if it were available with a comparable base tone, play-of-color, pattern, brilliance, saturation, etc. NOTE: The best quality Opal doublets sell on world markets for similar pricing to the best quality solid opals - from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

Opal sizes are listed in millimeters (25.4 mm = 1 inch) and Opal weights are listed in carats, just like all other gemstones and the jewelry mountings for them. A calibrated shape gemstone should fit most jewelry mountings designed for those dimensions. An opal that is within 0.5 to 1 mm of a calibrated size may acceptably fit into that calibrated mounting. A freeform or larger size opal can be cut to a smaller size by an experienced lapidarist.

Or you can have a custom jewelry mounting made, often for less expense than you might expect. OPAL BASE NAME - N# - COLOR. BASE DENSITY NAME - DESCRIPTION. Inky Black' - the Most Rare and Most Black Density. Very Black - Extremely Rare, Very Black Density. Black - Rare, a Blackish to Black Density. Greyish tones lighter than N4, Darker than N7 Density.

Lighter Greyish to Off-White Density. The Opal BASE DENSITY Name is rated on a scale of N1 to N9. BLACK, Semi-BLACK/DARK, LIGHT are'densities' which may have a color cast. The Opal Base density could have a color: a neutral black or grey; blue; green; brown; yellow; orange; straw; pink/red;'pearl'; etc.

So, a'black' opal is an N1 to N4 Density, but it may have a color cast and not be'black'. Opal Density Numbers or Names (BLACK, Semi-BLACK, LIGHT or WHITE) do not designate an opal's country, origin or whether it is a solid, doublet or crystal opal. PLAY OF COLOR BRILLIANCE #. The Play-of-Color Brilliance of an Opal is rated on a scale of B1 to B5.

NOTE - There is NO B4.7! There are no internationally recognized grading numbers between, for example, a B4.5 and B5 grade that clearly describe what would be the difference between a B4.7 and B4.8 grade. We list a'+' to indicate an opal is better/higher than that number, a'B4.5+', and use TWO PLUSES'++' to indicate that an opal is almost but not quite the quality of the next higher grade - like a'B4.5++' being almost a B5 grade.

B5 is the best possible Brilliance and is extremely rare among all opals offered on world markets with precious opal Play-Of-Color visible in low light levels - sometimes called a'night stone' or'night opal'. MyLegacy-Treasures does not sell opals with a Play-of-Color Brilliance below B3. Not Precious Opal - aka - Common Opal, Potch, Jelly, Mexican'Fire. P-O-C Only in Bright Light/Direct Sun. Fair P-O-C in Bright Light/Direct Sun, DIM P-O-C in Moderate Light.

Bright in Bright/Direct Sun, V. Nice P-O-C in Moderate, Fair in Lower Light. Bright in Bright/Direct Sun, Bright P-O-C in Moderate, V. Brilliant in Bright Light/Sun, Crisp/Saturated Color in Moderate, Good in Lower Light.

Good in Lower Light, Exceptional in all other lighting, (slightly lower than B5). Exceptional Bright, Crisp, Saturated Color in all lighting (color visible in low light). COLORS SEEN IN THE PLAY-OF-COLOR. Red is generally considered the most valuable of all Opal Play-of-Color. Greens - Blues are the most common of all Opal Play-of-Color. Less common colors can be any color of the visible spectrum from Violet, Purple, Royal Blue to Cherry Red, Flame Colors, Magentas, Pinks, Oranges, Golden Yellows, Peacock Green, Fuchsia, Lilac, Salmon, etc. What colors are seen, in what shape or pattern and from which viewing angles depends, in part, upon the viewing light used. The best light source for viewing a precious opal gemstone is one that does not change. We recommend direct sunlight or 12" to 16" from a bright tungsten lightbulb. Your opal will look different in different kinds of lighting. Sunlight and tungsten bulb lighting will tend to bring out more warm tone colors - reds, oranges, yellows, magentas and purples. Fluorescent lights, LED flashlights and light filtered through a diffuser is not satisfactory.

Color Saturation, the richness, purity or depth of color, is an important factor in the pricing of opals but less so in the enjoyment of them. You will probably find that you enjoy the beauty of an opal with a pale or pastel color saturation. And you might enjoy some bright, rich color saturation levels in a different Precious Opal. We list Color Saturation of an Opal as - PALE, PASTEL, MEDIUM, RICH and VIBRANT/MIRROR as appropriate. A Natural Precious Opal may have more than one S#, meaning that it may have, for example, S5-S4 Saturation - Vibrant to Rich levels of Color Saturation.

S# COLOR SATURATION TABLE DESCRIPTION. Colors are pale - highly diluted by white, grey, black. May need bright light to best view.

Often highly desired for fashion. May be desired for fashion. RICH, PURE, fully saturated colors. Exceptional VIBRANT, Saturated Color in all lighting (like a Mirror of colored glass).

PLAY-OF-COLOR FLASHes, SHAPES & PATTERNS. See our written description below the photos for more information about special Opal Play-of-Color Flashes, Shapes and Patterns of this Opal. Harlequin is a name originally reserved for a very rare pattern of squares or diamond shape play-of-color that looked like a chess board. Harlequin' is now used by opal vendors worldwide to encompass many of the rare and unusual natural precious opal play-of-color patterns that are easily identified - Floral, Flag/Flagstone, Chinese Writing, Ribbon, Rainbow, etc.

Every natural Opal gemstone is unique. Our photos probably will only capture some of the play-of-color, patterns and coverage across the entire face of the opal gemstone. You may have to rotate or pivot the gemstone and/or change positions between you, the opal and the viewing light to see play-of-color from a particular area of that gemstone. The very best opals have play-of-color across the entire gemstone. Most precious opals do not have play-of-color across 100% of the gem and are beautiful. Some precious opals have a mirror flash, a Harlequin or other unusual pattern, ribbons of color or many variations that are both beautiful and stunning while not covering 100% of the opal's face. We list if the opal has 100% play-of-color coverage because this is more costly. The most expensive opals have at least some wonderful Play-of-Color from every viewing angle. Sometimes an opal is at its best if lighted from the side or from slightly'above' which would make it an ideal opal to use for a pendant.

Some opals are at their best and brightest'face up' - when the viewer has the light source over her shoulder to view the opal face-on like a ring stone. Opals with patterns, Harlequin, chinese writing, mirror flashes, rolling flashfire, pinfire, etc. Usually display the best of their beauty from certain directional viewing angles. This can result in a sudden "SHOCK" of color or pattern that splashes forth to delight your eyes.

If an opal is highly directional or has particular beauty in our photos from specific directional viewing, we will list it as'directional' in our description. It has detailed text descriptions in to educate yourself about the meanings of these terms. View MyLegacy-Treasures Product Showcase NOW.

The Only GemStone as Unique as the Person wearing It! MyLegacy-Treasures for Opals and Much More. MyLegacy-Treasures Hand Selects EVERY Opal, Gemstone and Jewelry item We Sell from the 1,000,000 we view each year. And our store's "BEST OF THE BEST" listings. Your Treasures ARE Your Legacy. Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, Australasia, Japan & U. State and Federal Laws prohibit for Health + Safety reasons the return of body piercing jewelry like pierced earrings if they have been worn. New, Unused products must be received within 30 days of your receipt. You Are Important to Us. For over 20 years, MyLegacy-Treasures & LifeStyles-Collections have been pleasing select customers with quality products and services. We want you to enjoy your MyLegacy Treasure/Gift for a Legacy of years to come. We want your repeat business. We want to help you to fairly resolve any problem. We believe in the "Golden Rule" and the 10 Commandments as taught when we attended school - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. No item we sell will knowingly be misrepresented.

Solid Gold Content, No Synthetic GemStones, Treatments. Sizes may be listed in inches & U. Ounces or in millimeters (25.4mm=1 inch) & grams or carats. 10K, 14K, 18K Gold is for Solid Gold Content - not plated/Vermeil/etc.

All Gemstones & Opals We Sell are Real, Natural Creations of God. We Inventory Thousands of loose natural Opals, Gemstones in every Color of the Rainbow & All Fashion Colors. Our Worldwide contacts give us access to Literally any Gemstone - Rare, Jewelry, Collectible & Investment Quality.

Want to learn more about OPALS? - How Opals are Graded, Valued & Appraised?

Send us a request for your copy. Request to join our monthly list for the first look at valuable information'Guides', the latest information for Opal-Holics, special sales and offers, surprises and more! The item "Rare harlequin black opal 18K gold pendant green blue salmon pink Australian" is in sale since Thursday, February 4, 2010.

This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Fine Jewelry\Fine Necklaces & Pendants\Gemstone". The seller is "bargain-diamond" and is located in Norcross, Georgia. This item can be shipped to United States.

  1. Brand: Bargain-Diamonds
  2. Style: Pendant
  3. Metal: White Gold
  4. Metal Purity: 18k
  5. Main Stone Color: Multi-Colored
  6. Main Stone Treatment: Not Enhanced
  7. Main Stone: Opal
  8. Pendant Style: Solitaire
  9. Main Stone Creation: Natural
  10. Total Carat Weight (TCW): .

    Rare harlequin black opal 18K gold pendant green blue salmon pink Australian    Rare harlequin black opal 18K gold pendant green blue salmon pink Australian