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Amlong Crystal Sphere Crystal Ball with Angled Crystal Stand Engraving Feng Shui

Amlong Crystal Sphere Crystal Ball with Angled Crystal Stand Engraving Feng Shui

Amlong Crystal Sphere Crystal Ball with Angled Crystal Stand Engraving Feng Shui   Amlong Crystal Sphere Crystal Ball with Angled Crystal Stand Engraving Feng Shui

Our flawless, lead free, reconstituted quartz crystal ball can bring positivity and healing to any room. The crystal ball has the energy of harmony and perfection owing to its spherical shape. The clarity of this sphere makes it a great crystal decoration. It can add a sense of space or color to a mantle. Become the focus of a room as a striking centerpiece.

It makes a great gift for family, friends, and co-workers. It is also a perfect décor for either home or office, even a surprising gift for some one. Works great for photography lens ball. It can be used whether you are a professional photographer with a DSLR camera or an amateur with a cellphone camera.

Easily create stunning effects utilizing crystal ball photography. No special effects or advanced knowledge needed.

With some experimenting and practice you will have amazing results using this photography crystal ball. The crystal sphere ball for photography will fit into your camera bag for easy travel. In Feng Shui, crystal balls are used to bring harmonious, calming energy to any space. Place a crystal ball or two around to change the positivity in your home or office. Place a crystal ball in the southwest for love and marriage, the northeast for personal growth and self-cultivation, the west for help with children and creativity, and the center of your home to improve the overall heart of your home. Paired with a angled crystal stand that will display your crystal ball without taking focus from the ball itself. Choose from 7 different ball sizes: (Due to handmade process, size my vary slightly). 50mm (2) is about the size of a golf ball. 60mm (2.3) is about the size of the short side of a pool ball. 80mm (3.1) is about the size of a baseball. 110mm (4.2) is about the size of a softball. 130mm (5) is about the same width as a CD or DVD. 150mm (6) is the about same as the long side of a US Dollar Bill. 200mm (8) is about the size of a bowling ball and pretty heavy. Each color crystal brings different energy to their rooms. You can find each color description below. Choose the right color for you. Colors may vary due to screen resolution. The honey orange hue of amber crystal will add a touch of sun light to any room. The color is symbolic of courage, in the Far East.

However, some believe it helps one to see the brighter side of things. The warm glow of amber adds sophistication and warmth to your decorating. Aqua crystal ball is not only beautiful, but may even be nurturing and rounding to the spirit. Aqua is considered to be very soothing, especially during times when life is chaotic.

This high quality globe features a reconciled base and is an exquisite addition for any room. Nearly opaque black crystal ball adds a bold touch to your decor. Black crystal is symbolic of protection. Since light reflects away from its surface, it's believed that it wards off negative energy.

The crystal ball stands out elegantly in harmony with its base. Soothing blue crystal ball can clear your mind of stress, while encouraging inner peace. It's also known as a color of intelligence and promotes mental clarity. Its subdued base draws your focus to the beauty of the ball itself.

The stunning cobalt sphere really stands out when placed in a room featuring yellow accents. This classic clear crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room. The alluring conversation piece is also thought to bring harmony and balance into your life. According to feng shui belief, clear crystal balls not only attract positive energy to a room, but also stimulate existing energy.

This enchanting green crystal ball adds a positive and energizing feel to your space. Its stunning emerald hue is associated with healing and nourishment. According to feng shui, it may even bring wealth. This reflective crystal provides a fun way to add serenity, and possibly good luck, to your environment. Our rose crystal ball will inspire feelings of love, romance and affection.

In fact, pink crystal is an ideal gift for when you wish to express love and even friendship. The twinkles of reflected light will be a continual reminder of the sentiment. Purple has long been a color associated with spiritual intuition and creativity. Our flawless lavender crystal ball comes with attractive base that further accentuates the beautiful lavender hue.

For an especially striking look, place this crystal ball in rooms decorated with complementary colors, such as yellow and orange. Add vitality and passion to your surroundings with our stunning ruby crystal ball. The color red has long been associated with strength and vigor.

Red crystal can have a profound impact when used as an accent and looks especially incredible when used with contemporary and modern design. The uplifting color of our yellow crystal ball will perk up any room. The brilliant topaz shade is believed to raise awareness of our thoughts, actions and feelings. Its cheerful hue may even promote feelings of happiness and release tension. Like captured sunshine, it will brighten up any location.

Not for children under 3 yrs. Visit Our Huge Selection of Crystal Ball Store.
Amlong Crystal Sphere Crystal Ball with Angled Crystal Stand Engraving Feng Shui   Amlong Crystal Sphere Crystal Ball with Angled Crystal Stand Engraving Feng Shui